2018 Technologies that Cut Our Travel Costs

It’s spring 2018, and the travel season is soon to be opened, meaning that people will quickly start looking for new destinations to discover places we’ve never been to. Undoubtedly, the process goes far beyond picking up a map and pointing out a country we’d like to visit. As a rule, we have to choose […]

Unlock your fundraising potential (migrate from Raiser’sEdge)

We’ve published a new whitepaper – Unlock your fundraising potential.  Migrating from Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce. Our thinking behind the paper is about our experience and how things have moved on. “Worldwide, an estimated 13,000 non-profits use Raiser’s Edge – a database that has been around for more than 30 years.  It’s no surprise that […]

Solar panels to Salesforce Non Profit Starter Pack in 2 easydays

Solar panels to Salesforce Non Profit Starter Pack in 2 easy days “How was your trip, Lawrance” we asked our colleague on his first day back in the office after a few weeks off. We knew we’d get a great answer because Lawrance isn’t an ordinary colleague. Lawrance Titterton regularly travels to Uganda.  As Chair of […]

AppOmatic – Life Support for The Raiser’s Edge?

For years, we waited for The Raiser’s Edge 8.  Eventually, Blackbaud decided it wasn’t coming after all.  Then, last year, they acquired Convio and we looked forward to a new era of modern digital tools – but most of these are only available in the US!  Meanwhile, every day we listen to the growing frustrations […]

Life after The Rasier’s Edge

What comes next for users of the world’s most successful donor database? Although The Raiser’s Edge remains an integral part of many fundraising operations, our trusted and familiar friend is showing its age and being overtaken by younger rivals better suited to the new age of multi-channel communications. Only last year Blackbaud confirmed there will […]

White Paper: Fundraising with Salesforce

At Purple Vision we have worked for ten years advising and supporting hundreds of charities with technology for fundraising, including databases, web sites and related business processes. Today, for the first time, tools exist that enable fundraisers to achieve the long-awaited vision of a 360-degree supporter view – everything you know about each supporter in […]